Robot Hand from UW looks and moves almost lifelike: Robots changing the face of farming: Driverless car heads to Seattle to test bad weather driving: Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Robotics in the world around you

robot about to pull mug Stanford scientists reveal new methods based on nature (Geckos, to be exact) that allow robots to lift more than 100 times their weight pulling parallel to their surface of travel. They aren’t fast, but then its just a prototype. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Tiny robots carry more than 100 times their weight up ...

National Robotics Week logo National Robotics Week is organized by an Advisory Council which recognizes robotics technology as a pillar of 21st century American innovation, highlights its growing importance in a wide variety of application areas, and emphasizes its ability to inspire technology education. Robotics is positioned to fuel a broad array of […]

National Robotics Week 2015

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Vimeo: Robots are penetrating all areas of human work and play but the majority are out of sight of most humans. This robot uses elements common in many FRC competitions: Autonomous activity, motor drive with self-correction, camera vision, automated mechanical action. The robot drives along rows of plants (requires […]

Robot News: Robot Weeding (Hoeing)