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Highlight: Software Team 2015


The Software Team returns three experienced developers this year, which will be needed as they face the change to a new controller, the RoboRIO. While FIRST has done a great job of making the new system as compatible as possible with code from previous seasons, the new controller still introduces many changes, from a more […]

2015 FRC Game – Recycle Rush!


This year’s game has been revealed – RECYCLE RUSH. The game requires robots to move and stack “totes” (large rectangular boxes), recycle containers (garbage cans), and garbage (pool noodles). Items have to be stacked in specific locations and special yellow totes count for more points if stacked in the correct place. Unlike recent games, there […]

New for 2015 – RoboRIO Controller (and more!)

New RoboRIO Controller

The 2015 FRC season kicks off this Saturday (Jan 3rd, 2015) and it includes the biggest change of the last several years – a new controller. The new RoboRIO is a major improvement over the cRIO used for more than five years. The biggest improvements are: Much smaller and lighter (will fit in very narrow […]

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