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    CPRobotics: Valiant effort but stacks tumbled and so did our score. BIG thanks to our alliance partners 4911 & 4726. See you all at #frcmtvernon2015!

  2. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: First QF match. Got a container stuck. Still stacked 5 and great partner #frc4911 was there with container to top it off!

  3. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Big change this year. Each round is round robin. Top two avg scores move on. This will be interesting!

  4. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Tough selection process but we are teamed with the Cyber Knights who are usually good partners. Go team!!

  5. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Amazing last match! Stacked six + container in our best time yet! 70 points leaves us in 4th. Alliance selection next... #frc3663

  6. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Bad news! Burned out a motor during match. Amazing driving still stacked 4!

  7. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Just about to start the competition. Watch us on #thebluealliance

  8. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: A great last match as our drive team recovered from a stuck container to stack five totes and a container! Great partner in Bear Metal!

Other Robotics News

Day Two: That’s Why They Play’em

Mt View Competition Field

It was a shorter day than we hoped with both ups and downs. A failed pickup arm that started smoking cost us points in the first round. While fixing that, though, they found the problem with the elevator so the robot came back better than ever. We stacked six with a tote in the last […]

Day 1 Wrap-Up: Auburn Mt View Competition

After Match

This is our first competition of the year and the first time we’ve tried to compete in Week 1 (where we are normally fixing problems and programming the robot). Everyone stepped up in a BIG way, though, and the robot was working pretty well even from the first match. We have more stacks of six totes […]

2015 Robot Meets the Public


Parents (and students, siblings, mentors, part-time mentors, and everyone else interested) got to see this year’s robot in its completely finished and (mostly) working form for the first time tonight. With all of the changes this year (smaller, focused teams – building only one production robot – new electronic elements), this may be the best […]

Highlight: Software Team 2015


The Software Team returns three experienced developers this year, which will be needed as they face the change to a new controller, the RoboRIO. While FIRST has done a great job of making the new system as compatible as possible with code from previous seasons, the new controller still introduces many changes, from a more […]

2015 FRC Game – Recycle Rush!


This year’s game has been revealed – RECYCLE RUSH. The game requires robots to move and stack “totes” (large rectangular boxes), recycle containers (garbage cans), and garbage (pool noodles). Items have to be stacked in specific locations and special yellow totes count for more points if stacked in the correct place. Unlike recent games, there […]

New for 2015 – RoboRIO Controller (and more!)

New RoboRIO Controller

The 2015 FRC season kicks off this Saturday (Jan 3rd, 2015) and it includes the biggest change of the last several years – a new controller. The new RoboRIO is a major improvement over the cRIO used for more than five years. The biggest improvements are: Much smaller and lighter (will fit in very narrow […]

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