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CPR at Mount Vernon: Day One


The first competition of the year for Team 3663 CPR is at Mount Vernon HS and the first day went very well, although it was not without its stressful moments! After the last practice ended with a damaged shooting mechanism, the mentors worked long hours to get it repaired. Then, the pickup wheels and arm […]

Team Scouting Moves Online


Sam Wynsma and his father (and mentor) Tim have a special project this season – to move our scouting work online. Sam has been using the information he gained last year working with the scouting team to put the scouting information on to a server (a Windows IIS Server using ASP.Net, if you like those […]

2014 Reveal on YouTube and Chief Delphi

Picture of Chief Delphi discussion

Avery has posted a “reveal” video to Chief Delphi for our 2014 robot. View it on Chief Delphi at 0r watch the YouTube video:     Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Bag Up Day – 2014


With only three hours to go until we bag up the robot, our drivers finally get to spend some “quality time” with this year’s robot. It is clear from this that: our robot is very unlikely to tip over; unlike the playing field elements we were using; our drivers are still getting used to mechanum […]

Report as of 2-1-2014

Prototype robot

Good news on all fronts as progress continues on the robot. Work began on the production chassis, which is pretty much square with mechanum wheels. The chassis will also have two high traction wheels that can drop, though, when we need more traction either to stabilize the robot while shooting or to help move other […]

Week Three Summary


The team has been very busy this week and the robot is looking GREAT (as are some of the test robots  it will “battle” against in practices). The design is still a little fluid but the basics have been set: Mechanum drive system for flexible movement (but possibly with optional drop-down traction wheels on the […]

We’re going Mechanum!


The team is trying a new drive system this year – mechanum wheels! The mechanum system provides extremely flexible movement for the robot, since it can move in any direction without turning the robot. The disadvantages are that it is a less powerful system (opponents can push you around more easily) and a little more […]

Progress To Date 1-17-2014


Things are going pretty well for all groups. Mechanical has the drive train selected and a test unit already provided to the Software team using mechanum wheels for the first time. They are planning a multi-speed transmission again. There are two shooter prototypes in testing – one that uses lever action and surgical tubing (much […]

The Game is Afoot – Aerial Assist


It looks like a great game this year – Aerial Assist! Basically, shoot 2′ wide exercise balls through goals. You can get extra points for passing them to partners and passing them over a high bar. The autonomous period is shorter and no end-game and only one ball is in play at a time. This […]

New CPR Web Site

Picture of new web site

The new web site went live today for Cedar Park Robotics. We are still looking for the optimal solution for our needs. This year, we will be working with a WordPress site using the eVolve theme and a couple of other plugins for a photo gallery and social services integration. More content is soon to […]

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