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    CPRobotics: Thank you #frc360 and #frc2907 - good partners and good people. We had fun! Now let's build a new robot! #frc3663

  2. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Another tough round. We got two 6-stacks plus a tote but another dropped container leaves us in 2nd place. Great driving, girls!! #frc3663

  3. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Tough first match. We got two 6-stacks but a dropped container by a partner left us just short for a loss. Let's get round 2! #frc3663

  4. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: We're in the finals against #frc1987 #frc1318 and #frc4060. Head-to-head each match. Let's go red alliance!

  5. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Last semi match and we score 132 points to stay in 1st heading to finals! #frc3663 #frc360 #frc2907 great job! #arewehavingfunyet

  6. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: Wow! 2nd round we go 6- and 5-stacks,#frc360 gets 6, and #frc2970 fixed their arm and got some totes. 123 points total!! #frc3663

  7. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: #frc1983 #frc1318 #frc4060 had a great match with 127 points, moving us to 2nd place. Still good! #frc3663

  8. CPRobotics
    CPRobotics: First match: Great job everyone! #frc360 stacked 6, #frc2907 got two in auto, we 6- and 4-stacked for 116 points and 1st place! #frc3663

Other Robotics News

2015 Girls Generation

Drive team and robot in match

The last competition of the season is always the most fun: Girls Generation where the girls are in charge. About 30 teams showed up this year, including our CPR Team 3663. Our girls had been practicing through the summer and it showed. Despite one match where things (mostly totes and containers) “fell apart”, the team was […]

Let the Games (Almost) Begin! First FIRST 2016 Hint

FIRST Stronghold - Coming Soon!

The first preview of the 2016 FRC game has been released by FIRST and is sure to have hints hidden in it. A medieval knight theme with crenation on the robot matching the castle tower. Are we building a castle, or will our robot have to be built with only tools available in the Middle […]

World Championships Day Three: Our Best Finish Yet

Robot at Feeder

There’s nothing like a night of tense anticipation to help you appreciate a morning. After trying to predict all of the possibilities, evaluate every option, then second guess the predictions and evaluations again and again, ultimately it is time to pick a plan and go with it. The plan was pretty simple: Control the containers. […]

World Championships Day Two: Unexpected Success

Building a wall

If you must have a disappointing day and a good day, it is so much nicer to have the good day last. Joy has a way of washing away the memory of previous sadness and worries. Heaven will erase completely even the memory of sorrow and pain from our current existence, but that is deeper than […]

World Championships Day One: A Single Step

Team Prayer Before Match

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu For any robotics team, the journey of a thousand miles is the journey to St. Louis, MO for the FRC World Championship. This is where you compare your team to the best in the world, where you meet not […]

Districts In Cheney: Final Day but not Finals

Our Alliance #6

We began the last day of competition in Cheney with two matches remaining. After 10 matches, we were in 11th place due primarily (as we discussed endlessly during the previous evening) to a total lack of coopertition points. We were, in fact, the only team who had never been in a match with a successful […]


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